Choosing a Pal for Your Pet

Choosing a Pal for Your Pet

Today is National Love your Pet Day!  What better way to show your pet that it’s loved than by getting him or her a pet of their own! Yes, we’re kidding.  Choosing to get another pet is a serious consideration.  LoveYourPet

When you are deciding whether to give your dog or cat a friend because they seem lonely, there are a few things you should take into consideration first…

Do you have enough time, money, and attention for two dogs or two cats? Cats are relatively low-maintenance but dogs need attention. Make sure you have the time, energy, finances and temperament for two dogs.

Make sure the second dog matches your lifestyle as well as the first pet. Do you enjoy a high-energy pet that you want to play with all the time and your first dog is great for that? Well, just make sure the second dog fits the bill as well.

It is best to pick a dog that is relatively the same size as the first dog. A small dog may feel intimidated by or may get injured by a bigger dog. As well as a big dog may want to play a lot and he may injure a small dog.

Matching the temperament of the two pets is important. A pet that prefers to be alone and does not like to be touched will most likely not get along with another pet that wants to play and socialize a lot.

And most importantly, get the pets to have a meet and greet. Give a test run to their relationship by having them spend some time together in a relatively small area (house or yard). Make sure they can get along and their temperaments match. You will be much happier if all of your pets get along!

If you do decide to add another bundle of joy to your household, consider adoption through a local pet rescue. Responsible rescues house pets in foster homes where they are in a family situation. Rescues prepare pets for adoption by getting them up to date on shots, altered (spay/neutered) before adoption, and perform quite a bit of vetting to understand the dog. When they are ready to release the dog to an adopter, they can give you a lot of information about the dog’s personality.