We are Animal Medical Center of Uniontown, Pennsylvania.  A "small animal" veterinary practice administering to dogs, cats and the occasional exotic pet. Founded in 1976 by Dr. Richard Baird, AMC is the senior practice in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, located on 119 South, Morgantown Road. AMC still welcomes new patients. Clients can call 724.438.8554 during normal working hours to make an appointment.

It has been the history of AMC to consult and communicate with many board certified individuals and different specialty labs on a regular basis. This enables AMC to refer cases that need advanced technology in order to diagnose or treat a particular case and ensures that quality laboratory medicine is consistently practiced at AMC.

What has changed in recent years is how emergencies are handled. Many -- but not all -- emergencies are outsourced to several emergency care centers that have sprung up within the last decade.