Dr. Baird performs most soft tissue surgeries [neuters, spays, tumor and cancer removals, bladder stones, dental, eye, ear, reconstructive plastic surgeries, laceration, etc] and most orthopedic surgeries [broken bones, knee reconstruction, etc] in addition to practicing every day preventive health care for the dog and cat members of the family. New patients and clients can call 724.438.8554 during normal working hours to make an appointment.

Dr. Baird has always maintained a special interest in dermatology and over twenty years ago became increasingly focused on the fact that nutrition could play not only a positive role in the health of skin in the usual way, but nutrition could play a new role for dogs and cats with immune system diseases such as allergies, lupus erythematosus and others. And, just about twenty years ago, Dr. Baird along with his nutritional technical consultant, Dr. Ray Heinicke, developed the first KnuBar with the intent of doing a better job treating pets with allergies and other immune system diseases.