What is KnuLease?

KnuLease is 100% hydrolyzed eggshell membrane powder, the soft lining of the egg between the shell and the white of the egg. KnuLease contains many building blocks necessary for joint health. Our source guarantees us that their product, Biovaflex™ is ninety-four percent pure and contains only collagen, elastin, amino acids, glycoaminoglycans including chondrotin, glucosamine and hyaluronic acid and trace minerals.

What does KnuLease do?

KnuLease does three things: KnuLease measurably increases joint flexibility and overall mobility of the user, KnuLease often significantly reduces or completely relieves the aches and pain associated with both aging and past injuries, and KnuLease greatly reduces the recovery time for athletes as well as weekend warriors from overuse or just plain “doing too much.”

What makes KnuLease special or unique?

Chemical make-up, purity and excellent bioavailability above all else make KnuLease special and unique to all other joint health products. The nutrient make-up of KnuLease is what Mother Nature offers in the eggshell membrane. KnuLease does not undergo any extraction process that damages the native ingredients thus guaranteeing that KnuLease contains absolutely no chemical residue remnants from harsh manufacturing processes. And, while most joint health products have some of the nutrients and building blocks in their formulations, they do not have them all. Purity is another important aspect of KnuLease.

The original intent for the hen’s eggshell membrane is to supply all of the ingredients of KnuLease, plus calcium for developing bones to the un-hatched baby chick. While calcium may be great for bones, its residual presence in KnuLease would only dilute the active ingredients involved with enhancing joint health.

So, when we speak of “purity” we are referencing that the calcium has been 94% removed from our sourced eggshell membrane powder resulting in purity that mg for mg contains maximum active ingredients for maintaining joint health.

Finally, all eggshell membrane-containing products contain some glycoaminoglycans that are concentrated by an extraction process. As previously stated, KnuLease does not undergo any extraction process that damages the native ingredients; therefore the active ingredients found in KnuLease are delivered as they occur naturally and therefore are immediately ready to work — which translates into excellent bioavailability.

Why all the excitement and what is driving all the attention?

The excitement at KnuGroup is driven by the results of the clinical trial done on dogs by Dr. Richard Baird, a practicing veterinarian who runs a Pain Management Program in his Uniontown PA veterinary practice. Dr. Baird was certain that a clinical trial using dogs in a real veterinary practice environment would demonstrate the efficacy of KnuLease in real life by real patients closer to the truth than some group of laboratory animals. Dr. Baird states:

“Animals do not lie and they are not subject to the placebo affect! Therefore, when testing the efficacy of a product relative to increasing joint flexibility and patient mobility, no group of subjects produce an answer closer to the truth than actual patients in a veterinary practice environment. My conclusion from the clinical trial is that KnuLease relieves pain faster and more completely than any other supplement on the market including all the usual suspects as well as the exotics like reindeer antlers, shark fin, algae, crustaceans, etc.”

Have any clinical trials been done in humans?

Yes. The clinical trial done in humans after the original clinical trial done on dogs by Dr. Baird vividly reaffirms the findings of the original dog-trials.

What makes KnuLease better than NSAIDs, aspirin or Tylenol?

We prefer the word “different.” Most drugs carry some “medical baggage” with them – they have potential side effects. Their directions are very specific and all list what to do if too much is taken or if certain known side effects occur. Some side effects can be quite serious such as increased risk of stroke or heart attacks, intestinal bleeding and others. KnuLease is different in that KnuLease has none of this baggage. Therefore, if “better” means not carrying the usual medical baggage, then absolutely KnuLease is much better.

If I have been on an NSAID for over two decades, can I switch safely?

Because both are “over-the-counter” we can respond like this: our feedback has been solid in this area. While most people do not and cannot get completely off their NSAID, many are able to significantly reduce their dose. The best feedback to date – and this is from February 2009 until present – is an 80% reduction in the use of an NSAID. Pretty significant!

Personally, I continue to take a small dose of NSAIDs twice daily and a single dose of KnuLease daily. They compliment one another and I feel for the most part twenty years younger. If you have been using prescription NSAIDs – like myself – consult your physician.

Will KnuLease help with all aches and pains associated with aging or old injuries?

No. A person’s nutrition, genetic destiny and current medication status are just a few of the many factors that may enter into how successful KnuLease will be for an individual user. Pain is far more complicated that “one size fits all.”

Twenty people can have a sore knee, but the specific causes can originate from a different array of causative factors, therefore the exact success of a product depends upon how that product lines up with the causative factors in that particular user. In some cases a multimodal approach is indicated. As always, for best results, consult your family physician.

How long until I feel improvement?

Again, this depends upon many factors. Improvement is often realized in as little as three days and most often within three weeks. The most important thing to realize is that improvement for some will be very subtle and for others can be very dramatic. The clinical trials definitely showed that improvement continued through the fourth week of the trial.

Can’t I just use the over the counter glucosamine and chondrotin containing supplements?

This is America and of course you can! However, we suggest that you carefully navigate both the KnuGroup site as well as the AMC site to assist you in making a more informed decision. Numbers (amounts/ total mgs of this or that, etc) are for the most part just marketing mumbo-jumbo and more often than not meaningless or misleading.

What are the side effects of KnuLease?

Usually, a better quality of life. There are no known or recognized negative side effects.

Are there any known contraindications?

None known. One potential. If someone has a known allergy to eggs, we recommend that they consult their family physician before taking KnuLease.

Is this product safe to be used long-term?

safe is the purification and the virtual elimination of collateral non-active ingredients.

I’m taking other medications. Will KnuLease interact with any of them?

While there are no known or reported contraindications, absorption is always a tricky event. So, it is probably common sense to follow the directions for all other medications relative to be taken with or without food, etc. KnuLease can be taken anytime and will not be affected by other medications.

Is there any preventive health benefit by taking KnuLease at a young age?

As far as is known and supported by the scant amount of literature that is out there, there is absolutely no reason for young people to be on KnuLease before joint flex-ability and mobility begin to be a clinical issue.

What would be the “bottom line” for someone to make their decision to try KnuLease or not?

The bottom line is this: even if one has tried other products they still should try KnuLease. And – we believe this from the bottom of our hearts – if KnuLease doesn’t start increasing your joint flexibility and your mobility or relieve some or all of your aches and pains within a few weeks, then KnuLease and every other over-the-counter- nutraceutical-like product is not going to work either. Our advice then would be: Consult your family doctor!

Does KnuLease fit into a “multimodal” approach to relieve aches and pain?

Really severe pain such as pain caused by bone rubbing on bone is not what would be considered the “usual aches and pain associated with aging and such,” and the addition of NSAIDs or even stronger prescription-only drugs may be indicated – in addition to the KnuLease.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.